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The trust into which payments are placed is a financially separate entity run by an independent board of Trustees, ensuring security of funds for the funeral plan holders.

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If you have any questions about the work we undertake here at the Golden Charter Trust then this is the place to find the answers. If you can't find your answer please contact us.

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Golden Charter Limited

Golden Charter Limited, established in 1990, has for many years been the leading provider of funeral plans to independent funeral directors in the UK. The company is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority as a provider of funeral plans and it abides by their Rules and Code of Practice.

Golden Charter believes that you should have the freedom to choose what you want in your funeral plan, including what is perhaps the most important choice – which funeral director will look after you and ensure your wishes are carried out.

Golden Charter Limited is a company owned by an association of independent funeral directors through the SAIFCharter Association. The holding company is SAIFCharter Limited. Being governed in this way means that Golden Charter does not need to make large trading profits. The result of this is that all surpluses can be used to support these independent funeral directors or retained within the trust to the benefit of the plan holders and the funeral directors who have been selected to conduct the plan holders’ funerals. With over 3,300 funeral directors who accept Golden Charter plans, the company can offer its plan holders an unrivalled opportunity to choose which funeral director will attend to their wishes.

SAIFCharter Limited also owns Golden Charter (Ireland) Limited. This company's plan sales are also lodged within the Golden Charter Trust.

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